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Design Ideas

Pendant Watch Necklace
Charm Link Bracelet
Make A 2/3 Strand Beaded Clasp Watch
Charm Bracelet Watch
Charm Necklace
Stretch Watch
Charm Earrings


More Charm Projects

  • Beaded Picture Holder
    We all love to show off pictures of our family, friends, pets, and all sorts of things. However, why stick to a photo album or regular frame when you could use a fun and creative charming way to show off those pictures, and easily change pictures out as often as you would like. 

  • Child Necklace
    There is no mother or grandmother that does not like to brag about their babies or grandbabies. Now in addition to showing off a wallet full of pictures, you can give them a way to show their pride day in and day out with this necklace. 

  • Dangling Charm Necklace
    This project will help you create a necklace that will draw attention and envy from many. It is a great way to show off some charms you love and that say a lot about your personality. 

  • Earrings
    Making earrings with charms is easy and with a few different steps, you can create a whole selection of earrings to go with your other charm jewelry with some extra charms and a few other pieces of hardware 

  • Earrings Part 2
    Keep up the fun of creating charm earrings with these additional ideas. 

  • Hair Jewelry
    It may be the influence of the recent popular pirate movies, or possibly just people looking for new ways to express themselves and new jewelry to wear, but hair jewelry is becoming very trendy again. While you could stick with the old stand-bys, of barrettes or hair clips in various designs or colors, why not create a whole new hair jewelry style?

  • Jeans Jewelry
    You've seen the stars wearing them, or maybe you've seen them on the catwalk in fashion shows - jewelry you can wear on your jeans. Some are extremely ornate pieces of chain and dangle jewelry items that cost a fortune if you try to buy them from the designers creating them. But, why do you need some other designer, when you could be that person and make your own? Now you can. 

  • Making Charming Accessories
    Charms can make almost any accessories a little more personal and a little more you! Here are some ways to personalize a number of items you see or use every day. 

  • Purse Jewelry
    Everyone likes to have items with a little more personal of a look. This project will let you take purse or backpack that for now looks like everyone else's, and jazz it up with a few charms to let it be more you! 

  • Wine Glass Markers
    Make personal markers to help everyone remember which glass is theirs. These markers will loop around the stem of your glasses to make each one unique and help your guests know which one was theirs.

Did you Know? - Some helpful information for charm lovers

  • History of Charms
    If you think charm bracelets are something that just became popular in recent years, think again! Charms have been accessorizing discerning people for over tens of thousands years.


  • Overview of Charm Jewelry Tools
    When you are beginning on an endeavor to create a piece of jewelry with charms, you need to know more than just what charms to use. There are a number of other jewelry components available that can help you define your jewelry look, accentuate certain parts of it, or even make part of the process easier.


  • How Charms are Made
    Sure you've seen a lot of great looking charms that can fit any theme imaginable, but have you ever wondered where they came from? Time constraints being what they are, you know there is not some metal smith who is spending all day and night hammering out small charm after small charm to go onto your next piece of jewelry.


  • What Charms Mean
    When some people look at charm bracelets and charms, they wonder if there is more of a meaning than meets the eye for some of the shapes and symbols being used in the design. Do certain items have different meanings than what they look like on the surface?


  • What To Look for When Buying Charms
    If you have done an internet search for jewelry charms, you have no doubt found pages and pages of places to acquire these pieces. Your head may be swirling with all the options and possibilities. But, before you buy, there are a lot of things you need to know about the charms you are considering purchasing.