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Hair & Make-Up Charms

Hair Charms Highlight Every Hairstyle 

Hair charms are a great way to accent certain hairstyles, as they draw immediate attention to certain areas of the hairstyle, thus helping to accent highlights, or a certain cut. Charms can be worn freely in the hair and attached with small clasps, or they can be attached to larger hairpieces such as barrettes and scrunchies for additional style. 

These charms come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including silver, gold, and pewter for a look that is uniquely you. Hair charms are a popular accessory since they are easy to clean and several can be worn at a time, accenting your wardrobe perfectly. Another unique aspect that makes charms so popular is that each charm serves as a display of your own personal fashion taste and the things you enjoy. From sports charms to animal charms, it is no wonder trading and collecting them has become such a popular fashion statement. 

Watchus is the premier place on the Internet to shop for charms of all shapes and sizes as we are a direct supplier of beads, jewelry accessories, hair charms, and watch faces. As such, we can supply you with the tools needed to create professional quality decorations and accessories since we have a catalog of over 1000 original charms that are currently in stock and ready to be shipped with wholesale pricing.

Watchus currently offers worldwide expedited shipping from our shipping facility in Connecticut, so if you are looking for a last minute gift or you simply want to be sure your order will arrive quickly as possible, you are covered. Fantastic customer support is also available if you have any questions about the products you see here, so please do not hesitate to get into contact with us at 1-800-492-8248, or by email at

Fashion Charms including hair and make-up. Choose from our wide variety of themed charms for your art and crafts projects.