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Stretch Watch Project Sheet

#01 - Level - Beginner
Watch Us, Inc.
Stretch Watch
Project Sheet
Note: The beads used in our STRETCH WATCH are just an example of types and colors of beads that can be used. Feel free to substitute beads of your choice that are the same color.

1 Watch Us watch head H02 (silver) or H19 (gold)
2 Watch Us watch attachments M60S (silver0 or M60G (gold)
11 Peruvian beads - 17x9mm
23 barrel beads - 8 x 6mm
37 spacer beads - 8mm
36" industrial strength elastic 1 1/16 diameter
1 Watch us T08 watch tool
All purpose tacky glue (optional)

1. Using ruler printed on this sheet, measure your wrist. If wrist measures 6 5/8 to 8 inches, follow instructions as given. If wrist measures 5 3/8 to 6 1/2 inches, follow instructions for NARROW WRIST.
2. Fold elastic into thirds--each third 10 inches long. Cut elastic on two folds so you have three pieces of elastic, each 10 inches in length.
To keep elastic from fraying, cut each end at an angle. (Optional: Putting a drop of glue on each end will help prevent fraying.)
3. Insert one piece of elastic into first hole of attachment. Pull about 3 inches of elastic through hole. Tie a knot. Pull knot ends tightly opposite each other. Cut off extra elastic.
4. String first row of beads using the pattern shown above (Row 1). Note that beading pattern is different at each end.
5. Insert elastic through first hole of other watch attachment. Pull elastic through until all slack is taken up. Then pull 1/2 inch more.
6. Holding attachment with finger, tie a knot as close to attachment as possible. Pull knot tightly. Cut off extra elastic.
7. Skipping one hole, insert second piece of elastic through middle hole of watch attachment. Tie knot and trim. String beads for second strand following a pattern shown above (row 2). Note that bending pattern is different at each end.
8. Insert elastic through middle hole of other watch attachment. Tie knot as in Step 5.
9. Insert last piece of elastic through end hole in first attachment. Pull elastic about three inches through hole. Tie knot as in Step 3.
10. Follow Step 4 for stringing last row of beads.
11. Insert third piece of elastic through end hold of other attachment. Follow directions for knottings as in Step 5.
1. The spring pin in the watch head acts like a toilet paper roll holder. Remove spring pin from watch head by placing claw end of watch tool into indentation at one end of spring pin. Press until spring pin comes out of watch head. Place spring pin through hole in watch attachment. Make sure you have right sides up! See illustration below.
2. Replace one end of spring pin into watch head. Press other end of spring pin with claw end of watch tool until spring pin is short enough to fit into hole in watch head. Repeat with other side of watch head and watch attachment.
Your beautiful new STRETCH WATCH is now completed. Enjoy your new watch!
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