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Charm Bracelet Watch Project Sheet

Watch Instructions:

1. Open the split ring and slide through hole in knob at top of watch head (at 12:00)

2. Open the 24th link on the link chain bracelet at the opposite end from the lobster claw. Discard remaining links. Slide link through the knob at bottom of watch head (at 6:00). Close link.

3.Open jump ring with pliers and loop through first charm

4.Place jump ring with charm attached on first link of bracelet watch (near 6:00)

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 (8) times counting 3 links between each charm. The last charm is attached to ring of lobster claw.

(This project makes a 7" charm bracelet watch. For a larger watch leave more links. For a smaller watch cut links to fit.)