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Charm Trail

Rediscover America The Beautiful with Watchus Charm Trails

Pioneers and adventurers founded America and that pioneering spirit still lives on in many of her citizens. What better way to capitalize on that than to create charm trails through your beautiful area? Every town, city or state has that special something that makes it worth visiting. would love to introduce their charm trails as a delightful way to experience a trip through the businesses of your hometown or state.

Craft a memory with a road trip that becomes a treasure hunt by visiting Watchus can supply lovely, exclusive charms in forms that will hold special meaning for you and commemorate what makes your area special. Create a charm trail through small businesses and bring in new people to browse those quaint shops that give your town character. Adding a cupcake charm at the bakery, a quilting charm at the little store that keeps you in stitches, a musical note charm at that delightful little guitar shop on Maple Street, or a book charm at the cozy corner bookstore would result in a beautiful collectors bracelet as well as a collection of cherished memories. Contact your Chamber of commerce, and then talk to the fine folks at about discount prices on beautiful wholesale charms in almost any shape desirable. Purchase some ball chains to hand out to visitors and the charms that match your businesses to invest in the past, present and future by bringing guests in to your area. They will come for the charm, and return for the services and products offered. Appeal to that pioneer spirit by considering the creation of fun, unique, and ultimately profitable charm trails through your neighborhood. No one can resist a treasure hunt. Your town is a veritable cove of charming treasures waiting to be discovered in all of the individual businesses that need and deserve this kind of promotion. What better way is there to combat the big chain stores that take too many people away from the wonderful worlds that await them in local shops and galleys? Folks will eagerly follow your charm trails and rediscover America the Beautiful one small business at a time.To paraphrase Roy Rogers and Dale Evans a bit - Charming trails to you, till we speak again....