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Make A 2/3 Strand Beaded Clasp Watch

Make A 2/3 Strand Beaded Clasp Watch Project Sheet

Create a designer clasp watch
Anyone can create a lady's or unisex designer clasp watch by following our easy step by step directions!
Enhance the easy to read gold watch head with a delicate combination of pale pink and amethyst color beads.
You will win someone's heart (maybe your own!) with dainty blue beads that accent the etched silver watch head.
Kokopelli the flute player on the watch head dramatically carries the southwestern theme of our unisex watch.
Select any color or type of beads that suit your fancy-the beads we have used are just an example.
Why not make all three watches and select one to match your mood wardrobe? Or ,make them as gifts-you will be sure to receive many compliments on your creativity

For blue beaded heart watch:

-1 Watch Us HH16 silver watch head
-2 Watch Us MM17S silver watch attachments
-1 Watch Us MM20S silevr watch closure
-8 silver crimp beads
-about 6 medium sized round blue glass beads
-about 15 small sized blue glass beads
-about 10 small size silver mushroom beads
-about 50 tiny silver spacer beads
-24 inches .20-.21 tigertail beading wire

For Amethyst Color Beaded Gold Watch

-1 Watch Us HH19 gold watch head
-2 Watch Us MM14G gold watch attachments
-1 Watch US MM20G gold watch closure
-6 gold crimp beads
-about 10 medium sized amethyst color glass beads
-about 14 medium sized pimk glass beads
-about 12 small sized gold rondelle beads
-about 66 tiny gold spacer beads
-24 inches .20-.21 tigetail beading wire


For Kokopelli the Flute Player Watch

-1 Watch Us HH26 silver watch head
-2 Watch Us MM26 silver watch attachments
-1 Watch Us MM20S silver watch closure
-6 silver crimp beads
-about 12 medium sized variegated green tone beads
-about 12 small sized red/brown beads
-about 18 small size silver rondelle beads
-about 20 tiny silver spacer beads
-24 inches .20-.21 tigertail beading wire


-1 Watch Us TT01 plastic watch tool
-1 pair 4" or 5" neddle nose pliers
-1 pair small wire cutters
-Cloth or plastic tape measure
-Bead tray or face cloth and small tray

Measure Your Wrist

With a cloth or plastic tape measure, measure your wrist. Add 1 inch extra to your wrist measurement for a snug fit; 1 1/4 inches for a looser fit. Write down your measurements below:
Wrist measurement________ in.
Extra measure________ in.
Total watch measure ___________in.

On a piece of paper, draw a line the length of the total watch measure (including the extra measure). (If you are making a watch for a friend, use 7 1/2" as a total length.)
Carefully place your watch head, two watch attachments and watch closure at one end of the drawn line. Carefully trace the outline of each component.

Measure the space left on the line. Space left _______ inches. Divide this measure by 2. One half of space left= ________ inches for bead space.
The bead space is the length of the space for each strand of beads on each of the two sides of your watch.

Note: The directions that follow can be used with any of the three watch designs. We have used the Blue-Beaded Heart Watch as an example.

Plan Your Design

You will make three strands of beads for each side of the watch. Each strand will be the length of the bead space you measured. Plan the bead arrangement by laying beads out on the measure. Do this for all three strands. Depending on the watch attachment, the middle strand may be shorter than the other two strands. Adjust this as you string the strand. You have designed one side of the watch. repeat for the second side.
Beading the Watch

1. Cut tigertail in half. Using one half, put two crimp beads on end of tigertail. Do not crimp beads yet. Bring tigertail down on outside of top crimp bead and back through first crimp bead. Leave end of tigertail hanging out. By pulling tigertail, put crimp beads together as snugly as possible. Close both crimp beads firmly with needle-nose pliers. Cut off extra tigertail with wire cutters.