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Number Charms

Jog Your Memory with Number Charms

For many people who collect charms, they act as a means of celebrating some of the major events of their lives. Adding number charms to your charm bracelet, pendant or quilt is the best way to date the piece while enhancing its beauty. offers numbered charms depicting both recent years as well as individual numerals which can be used singly or in combination with others to date your projects or add a personal touch to your jewelry collection. 

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Available in both gold and pewter finishes, our year charms can be added to any bracelet or scrapbook to en sure that you will remember when it was assembled for decades to come. Many gift givers even incorporate these charms into an annual charm exchange, and their delicate script will be the perfect complement to any piece. We manufacture our own charms, and proudly stand by their quality. Wearers can be sure that the will continue to shine, even after the year they depict is but a distant memory.

The numbered charms featuring individual numerals are a versatile accessory with an almost limitless number of uses. Great for birthdays, they can be added to customize a piece of jewelry that celebrates a year in the recipient's life. Featuring digits from 0-9, they can be mixed and matched to be appropriate for those of any age. With bulk ordering discounts available, shoppers may even want to order enough to customize gift packages, party favors and other treats.

With number charms, users can chart the progress of their charm collection, and ensure that they will always remember when a particular piece was given.

Number charms in both silver and pewter. We manufacturer our own charms and sell both wholesale and retail.