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What Charms Mean

When some people look at charm bracelets and charms, they wonder if there is more of a meaning than meets the eye for some of the shapes and symbols being used in the design. Do certain items have different meanings than what they look like on the surface?

The answer is a definite maybe. Anything can have a different meaning than just the static design.

Consider a trip to an art exhibit. Ten people can walk up to the same sculpture and see ten different things. Their visions of what it means to them may also be totally different than what the artist had in mind while creating it. Charms are much the same way. While a charm may be a recognizable design such as a bird or a flower, it may still have different underlying meanings to different people depending on their life experiences.

Charms should tell a story about you or the person you are using them to make a gift for.

For yourself, you can select charms to represent things you have done in your life, or things you enjoy such as hobbies and sports. For example, if you are a sports fan, consider charms such as a basketball, baseball, a helmet, and even cheerleading charms such as pom-poms or a cheerleader. Or, if your hobby is gardening, you can create a jewelry piece with a number of charms that express that such as a rake, a trowel, watering can, a flower, strawberry, or other fruits, vegetables and plants that you enjoy growing.

Think of your charm creations as a wearable scrapbook. The more charms that link to positive memories for you, the more you will enjoy wearing the piece of jewelry and be in a good mood, reliving those fond memories each time you see that piece it.

Another way to use charms are as an inspirational piece. You can create a piece of jewelry with charms that reflect what you would like to accomplish in life, things you want to do for yourself, as a constant reminder to keep you moving toward your goals. If your goal is to take that Caribbean trip you always wanted, create a piece of jewelry that reflects that trip. You may select charms such as a palm tree, flip flops, the sun, a margarita glass, a Tiki god, and even a ship or an airplane, which will take you to your destination. Every time you look at this piece of jewelry you will remember what your goal is, and keep doing whatever it is you need to do to work toward it.

When it comes to creating a piece for someone you care for, you may want to use the piece of jewelry as and expression of how you think of him or her. Consider this carefully as you select the charms that you use to create the piece; the items you choose for this gift should give a warm feeling to the wearer that you thought of them in such a way.

If you are considering making a personal charm jewelry creation, group your charms together around one theme.