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Horse Charms

There are few animals as noble and majestic as the horse. We have designed a splendid collection of pewter charms that feature horses and riding tackle. Whether you ride English or Western-style we know that you will find the perfect charm to commemorate the passion you feel for these beautiful creatures. 

Wearing your charm will remind you of the exhilaration you experience when you mount your steed and break into a gallop.

These intricately designed equestrian charms also make wonderful gifts for the horse-lover in your life. Choose from a complete selection of charms with a equestrian theme.

Our horse charms are created in wonderful detail, from the wispy manes down to the sturdy hooves. Create a charm bracelet featuring horse charms, cowboy hats, chaps, saddles and horseshoes or add your favorite to a necklace. These metal charms make wonderful gifts for new horse owners, professional riders and children who are just learning to ride, as well as anyone who appreciates these remarkable animals. Thank you for visiting and please return soon.