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Wine Glass Markers Project

We've all done it. Attending a gathering of people with Hors D'vours and drinks and you put down your glass somewhere along the way. When you remembered the missing drink, and went to look for it, it was not alone. There were a number of left-behind glasses together and now you don't know which one was yours. Instead of taking a blind guess, you write off that drink and get another, wasting a perfectly good drink, and forcing your host or hostess to clean yet another item after the evening ends.

This would never have happened if all the glasses had a personal touch. If you're holding an outdoor B-B-Q and using plastic cups, this is as easy as using a sharpie marker to write names on the cups, but that's not an option for writing on glasses. So, what is a host or hostess to do in a classier setting?

Make personal markers to help everyone remember which glass is theirs. These markers will loop around the stem of your glasses to make each one unique and help your guests know which one was theirs.

While you could place these on the glasses before your guests arrive, a little more of a fun way to do it is make sure you have many more glass markers than there are guests and let them pick one they like. If they pick something personal to them, they will not forget which glass is theirs.

How to make Charm Wine Glass Markers 

Items needed:

  • 8 Pre-made Wine Glass Metal Hoops or Ring Size Memory Wire
  • Eight different Charms
  • Various small glass, acrylic, wood, and/or metal beads (you may want to select these to fit the theme or colors of your event)
  • Eight Jump Rings (for temporary use wine glass markers or markers where the charms can be changed out more readily)
  • Or Eight Split Rings (for permanent wine glass markers)
  • Jewelry Wire Cutters (if using memory wire)
  • Round Tipped Jewelers Pliers
Optional Instruction Items:
  • Headpins
  • Chain
  • Other decorative beads

Making the Loops (you can skip this section if you have purchased the pre-made wine glass marker loops)
  1. Cut the memory wire into pieces that are 1 1/2 loops long
  2. Using the round tipped pliers, make a loop at one end using the Jewelry Looping Method (Hold the pliers approx 1/2 inch from the end of the wire and bend it at a 90 degree angle. Then grab the end of the bent portion of the wire with the pliers and tightly wrap it around them creating a complete circle.)
  3. Create eight Loops in the same manner.

Decorating the Loop

With all your loops ready to go, this is when you get to have a little beading fun. Using the smaller glass, acrylic, wood and metal beads you have collected, string them onto the loops from the open end. Make sure to stop beading just over 1/2 inch from the end.

Once you get enough beads on the loop, grab your round tipped pliers, and close off the open end of the loop using the Jewelry Looping Method.

Adding the Charms

Now we are going to attach charms to the wine glass marker. If you are making Charm wine glass holders that will only be used for one or two events, or you know you will want to change the charms out regularly, use jump rings. If you want more permanent wine glass markers that you know will stay intact for many parties to come, use split rings. 

If you are using jump rings

  1. Using your pliers gently open the jump ring just far enough to get the charm on it.
  2. Place the charm on the jump ring.
  3. Loop the jump ring through one of the loops at the ends of your wine glass marker. (Make sure the charm is face side up!)
  4. Close the jump ring.

If you are using split rings
  1. Using a fingernail, or split ring opener, pull up one end of the split ring far enough to start to put the charm on it.
  2. Wind the charm onto the split ring.
  3. Hook the split ring through the loop at the end of your wine glass marker; making sure the charm is face side up. (The easiest way to do this is to slightly open the end of the glass marker and slip the split ring onto it, then close it again)

Once you have made the whole set, you are ready to go.


  • Some people like Wine glass markers with a little more flair. Here are a few ways to jazz them up even more.
  • Once you have made the loops and put the beads on them consider adding more dangles from the marker. This can be done in a number of ways.
  • You can cut small pieces of link jewelry chain and add them to the loop with jump rings or split rings. At the ends of one or more strands of chain, you can dangle the charm(s), and some headpins that you have decorated with beads that accent the look.
  • If you want a less fluid look than the chain will offer, you can also use a number of headpins that you have put matching beads on and attach the charm(s) to one end of the headpin (using the jewelers looping method), and the other end to the loop wine glass marker loop.