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Dog Charms

Give Your Favorite Dog Lover Something Special

Dog lovers are a special breed. Most view bringing a pet into their home as adding to their family, so it is no wonder that so many look for ways to share their love of their pet with the world. Dog charms represent a great way to do just that. They make wonderful gifts for both the male and female dog lovers in your life, and can be added to scrapbooks, jewelry or any other craft project. The selection at is sure to appeal to lovers of large and small dogs alike, with both breed specific and more general dog-related charms available.

Some of the most popular charms in this collection are those that celebrate a particular breed. Whether you have a lovable Scotty dog, a loyal German Shepherd, a companion Retriever, or another breed, these charms feature likenesses of some of the most popular breeds. If your breed of choice is not represented, charms depicting food bowls, fire hydrants and adorable puppy paws are also a great way to show your love in a permanent way.

Each dog charm is sized to fit on most charm bracelets, key chains or other accessories without adding too much bulk. Wearers can mix and match various charms from this collection, or combine them with those that showcase other aspects of their life or personality. No matter which types you choose, they are a great way to wear your heart on your sleeve, or wrist as it were. If you are looking for a particular breed that is not represented, please feel free to contact a customer service representative, who will be happy to discuss our custom charm service.

It is true that dogs are man's best friends and what better way to pay tribute to your canine companion than wear an adorable pewter dog charm that reminds you of him. Watch Us Inc. has also created a number of pewter dog charms related to dogs, including bones dog charms and dog charm bowls and dog charm houses, that could be attached to your pet's collar. Take your time and browse through our wonderful dog charm collection. Dog charms make wonderful gifts friends and family members who share your love of dogs. We sell dog charms wholesale and retail.

We know that Fido is your best friend and that is why we have created these delicate wholesale dog charms with remarkable authenticity. Choose from a wide selection of dog charm breeds from Poodles to Retrievers, Dachshunds and hounds. If your pooch is of a particularly rare breed please contact us and we will discuss creating a new dog charm.custom pewter charm. Thank you for your visit for seeking dog charms and please return soon.