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Animal Charms

We have dozens of all types of pewter animal charms, silver charms and gold charms by WatchUs. com. We enough to fill a zoo with all of our creatures. Our 3-D pewter animal charms from are copyrighted unique designs for your enjoyment. To help you browse our pewter animal charms we have divided them into these groups : 
  • Cat Charms - friendly felines enjoying themselves 
  • Dog Charms - man's best friend in all breeds 
  • Horse Charms - equestrian friends delight with our horses 
  • Insect Charms - butterflies and insects abound here 
  • Land Charms - where the buffalo, zebra and others run around 
  • Sea Charms - aquatic charms including dolphins, fish and shells

We hope you enjoyed our animal charms as much as we love these creatures whether they crawl, walk, fly or swim. Our animal charms are truly nature at its best. We hope the beauty of these charms may remind people of the beauty of the living animals and also help remind people that we need to help protect nature and the environment that these animals live in.

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