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Looking for a supplier of wholesale beads? Will a company with a rock-solid industry reputation that’s been in business since 1973 suffice? If yes, then consider Watchus.

They are both a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale beads, watch faces, charms, and jewelry supplies. Their commitment to producing and supplying high quality products at extremely competitive prices has earned them a loyal customer base throughout the world.

TYPES OF BEADS AVAILABLE: silver beads, pewter beads, bali beads, sports beads, letter beads, theme beads and charm clips.

Along with already everyday low prices, they also offer many of their products and supplies at sale prices. By working with Watchus and taking advantage of their huge inventory of watch face, charm, jewelry, and bead supplies; you can eliminate the frustrations and hassles of dealing with multiple suppliers… they’ve got just about everything you need under one-roof!

Watchus ships their bead, watch, and jewelry products all over the world and provides discounts on volume orders. And if you can’t find the wholesale bead supplies you’re looking for, give them a call and they’ll be delighted to assist you with your search.

To get more information about wholesale beads and other jewelry, charm, watch face, and bead supplies please 
call us or send an email to

We all know what a button is, but did you know they could be fun? Choose from a variety of silver and gold buttons from Watchus. We have taken our beloved charm designs and transformed them into fully functioning buttons! Each solid metal button comes with a beautiful design on the front and a metal shank on the back. Use them on clothes, bags, sewing projects, as decorations or use them as closures for bracelets, necklaces and watches. All you need to make a button a closure is a button and a loop to slip over it.

If you've ventured into the world of jewelry making, even if only for a short time, you've likely heard the name Pandora before. Pandora is a company that makes absolutely gorgeous jewelry, but that also charges a high price for their work. WatchUs offers quality charms that fit Pandora bracelets for a fraction of the price so you can get the look you want.

At we carry beads that fit Pandora bracelets that will help you get the perfect look. Our beads look and feel exactly as you would expect of charms that fit Pandora bracelets, only they are sold for a fraction of the cost. We know that our customers want charms that are a specific style, and all of the charms match that style perfectly, so you can get that specific look you need to finish off your jewelry perfectly. If you're looking for charms that fit a Pandora bracelet to finish your bracelet, make sure you take a look at the charms available through first. It is our hope that you will find the ideal charm for your bracelet so that you won't have to spend a fortune to finish your work. Instead you can get what you're looking for without having to pay a huge amount. And the more you purchase the less they cost, making it easy for those who sell their jewelry to make more of a profit, which is definitely something that we'd classify as a win-win situation, something that everyone can love.

Although charms can be used in many projects the one that usually comes to mind first is jewelry. Who doesn't think of a fun charm bracelet or necklace when they peruse the hundreds of charms at We offer a whole line of fun charm earrings, fabulous necklaces and bracelets, and adorable scissor fobs to decorate your scissors, cell phone or whatever. Also, for you quilters and seamstresses, we offer a whole line of quilting and sewing earrings, scissor fobs, and necklaces to showcase your hobbies and passions.

A watch can tell you a lot about the wearer. People express themselves through their watches: bands and watch faces. Let WatchUs help you express yourself with these Fashion Watches. Each watch face is original, designed by WatchUs' own Nancy Dreishpoon. The watch faces are lovingly paired with watch bands for a great look and feel. Choose from a variety of styles from elegant and chic to fun and unique. Whatever your style, you will find something you like.

For jewelry making professionals and enthusiasts there is always a need to find the highest quality supplies at the lowest prices possible.

People love jewelry… they desire it and want to wear it as much as possible but high prices can keep them from indulging their desire. So jewelers who can provide great products at great prices are going to find lots of demand for their jewelry.

At Watchus we understand this and have been providing jewelry making supplies and other products since 1973. Low prices, prompt shipping, and friendly customer service have made us one of the premier suppliers for jewelry, watch, and bead craftsmen looking for supplies.

We are both a supplier and manufacturer of wholesale jewelry supplies, pewter charms, watch faces, and bead supplies. Our selection of jewelry making supplies includes jewelry findings, clips, toggle sets, chains, clasps, end caps, charm rings, and supplies made from sterling silver.

You will also find many of our products/ supplies on sale. But just because we offer great prices doesn’t mean our products are in any way inferior. We distribute only top grade supplies and many of the products are produced right here in the USA in our manufacturing plant.

Turn to Watchus and get access to beautiful jewelry making supplies… call us, email, or order your jewelry supplies online.

In the past, semi precious beads were used not only for ornament purposes but also served as currency in some parts of the world! Nowadays silver beads, pewter beads, and Bali beads are primarily used for ornament and ceremonial purposes. But that hasn’t diminished their popularity. In fact, beads are a hot commodity in the world of fashion accessories. If you are looking to find a wholesale suppliers of all types of beads (silver, pewter, Bali, etc.) then consider is Watchus. We are both a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale beads, watch faces, pewter charms, and jewelry supplies/ findings. In business since 1973, we have worked hard to establish a solid reputation with watch makers, jewelry craftsmen, artists, bead stores, and bead hobbyists. Bead Selection silver beads pewter beads Bali beads theme based, letter, and sports beads are also available We ship our bead, jewelry, and watch products worldwide and offer discounts on large volume orders. If you can’t find the Bali, pewter, and silver beads you need, give us call and we’ll be delighted to help you in any way that we can. Take advantage of our huge inventory, great low prices, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service. Consider us as your one-stop-shop for watch faces, charms, jewelry supplies, and all kinds of beads. Work with us and you will soon be reducing the hassles and frustrations of dealing with multiple suppliers.

For more information on wholesale Bali, pewter and silver beads or any other supplies we carry, please call us, or email, or order beads online now!

Watches are an important piece of a person’s wardrobe… it’s important to have one that both says something about yourself and complements what you are wearing.

The problem is you can’t just go around buying watch after watch to match all your clothes and lifestyle. Watch faces, like Geneva and Ribbon are the answer. A watch face allows you to change the look and style of your watch making it easy to coordinate your watch with the rest of your wardrobe.

For the latest styles and variety of finishes turn to Watchus for all your Geneva and Ribbon watch face needs. We are supplier and manufacturer of wholesale beads, watch faces, watch heads, pendants, charms, and jewelry supplies and findings.

In business since 1973, Watchus has earned a rock solid reputation with watchmakers, jewelry professionals, bead craftsmen, hobbyists, and artists for supplying top quality products at great prices. We carry a full line of watch making tools and equipment to help you design beautiful, captivating watches. Be sure to check out our new watch faces and for even better deals visit the watchfaces on sale page. Also check out our Mars/ Geneva and Ribbon watch face pages.

Outstanding customer service, prompt delivery, low prices, good selection, and quality products have made us one of the leading wholesale suppliers in the industry.

Discover for yourself why we are so highly regarded by our clients… call us, email us at, or order Geneva and Ribbon watch faces online right now.

No other charms glitter quite like those made of gold and nothing livens up a scrapbook page quite like a charm.

Since the early days of civilization just about all peoples have prized gold for its beauty and value. Gold have served both as a personal ornament and form of currency… both traditions continue thrive to this day.

Gold charms are also getting increasingly popular as scrapbook charms. More and more people that keep/ make a scrapbook use charms to add flair to their pages or to highlight important keepsakes.

At Watchus we carry a full complete line of traditional and contemporary charms, pendants, beads, jewelry making supplies, and watch faces… all at wholesale prices! We are both a direct supplier and manufacturer of many of the products we offer.

If you like to create beautiful, stylish, captivating, personal, and lovely gold charm items, or if you want to add the allure of gold to your scrapbook then we are just the source you need. We carry charms in just about every category you can think of: silver, gold, pewter, birthday, toy, wedding, baby, sport, animal, angel, year, beach, fish, patriotic, letter, pet, school, holiday, and fairy tale… plus many more including new, on sale, and of course, scrapbook charms.

When you work with us, you are buying from a highly reputable company that has been in business since 1973. Great customer service, good product selection, prompt worldwide shipping, and low prices have garnished us a loyal customer base globally.

See for yourself why we are considered industry leaders… to learn more call us, or email, order your scrapbook and gold charms online right now.