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Bracelets and Necklaces - Ball Chain, Link Chain, Fits Pandora

WatchUs offers a variety of chains. Show off your charms on a ball chain, a link chain, or a snake chain that fits Pandora Charms. Choose from a wide selection of colors, too. 

One of our most popular and versatile items for display of your carefully chosen charms is our ball chain which comes in an array of sizes, lengths and color. Strong and durable yet light weight, ball chain is perfect for everyone and fits any budget. 

Link chain is another great way to showcase your charms. This basic link chain is great for bracelets and necklaces. Charms can easily be added using charm clips specifically designed to add charms to link chain. Let your imagination run wild with link chain, charm clips, and our wide selection of charms. 

If you are familiar with Pandora jewelry company, you are probably also familiar with their high prices. Get that same look without the price tag with a snake Chain that fits Pandora Charms. The end unscrews allowing you to add beads. Want to add a charm? Simply take the Charm Hanger, attach any charm you want and add it to the bracelet or necklace. Get the customized Pandora style without the price.