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Beads and charms are the perfect complement to one another. Though both are most commonly used in customizing jewelry, they can also help to beautify any number of craft projects. From creating the perfect wrapped package to personalizing your cell phone, our beads are as useful as they are beautiful. As each of the beads on our site is offered at wholesale pricing, you will be able to use them on every craft project you tackle, without spending a fortune on supplies. wholesale pewter charms. Enjoy the best pricing on the internet.

At WatchUs.com, we design our products with crafty and creative people in mind. As shoppers browse through our bead collections, they can begin to brainstorm the possibilities that our letter and number series provide. Whether you would like to spell out a customized message on your bracelet, or embellish a birthday gift with the recipient's date of birth, these beads will help you send the perfect message every time. Of course, letters and number are not the only options that we offer. From options that look like sports balls to trendy wolves, there are places for these beads in almost everything that you design.

If you cannot find the perfect option in one of our collections, please feel free to contact us about making your own design. Shoppers can pick from our gold, silver and pewter finishes to create one-of-a-kind beads for any occasion. With this customization, you can create commemorative pieces for a fundraiser or signature beads for your jewelry line. Contact us today about the possibility of bringing your vision to life with beads from WatchUs.com

pewter charms on your charm bracelet. We are sure you are going to enjoy using them. 

If you would like a custom bead made in gold, silver or pewter metal please contact us. Our design team will be happy to work with you to provide the highest quality pewter beads to match your organizations need. We can also create several of jewelry pieces so you can create a theme with our pewter jewelry. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a fashion fundraiser or selling jewelry on ebay or at a craft show.