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Pewter Charms

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As a fashionable accessory, pewter charms are hot... everyone from teens to adults to celebrities are wearing them.

It's easy to understand why... with a simple snap of a clasp you can change a charm and instantly accessorize your wardrobe and at the same time make a statement about yourself or how you feel.

And because you can interchange, customize, and personalize them, pewter charms make great gifts. Not only do people love to wear charms, some of them even collect and trade charms of all sorts!

If you love charms then the place to turn to is Watchus. They are a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale charms, beads, watch faces, and jewelry supplies.

Watchus Pewter Charms Selection

  • gold and silver charms
  • pendant and cross charms
  • fairy tale and scrapbook charms

The above is only a small sampling of the charm products available. Watchus also carries birthday, baby, fish, animal, bird, craft, Egyptian, toy, sayings, angel, year, beach, patriotic, letter, pet, sports, school, holiday, and wedding charms... plus many, many other kinds including new and sale priced items.

Best of all you will be purchasing from a highly reputable company that's been in business since 1990. They provide friendly service, prompt shipping worldwide, and unbeatably low prices... all of which have made them an industry leader.

Not only is the company a wholesale supplier but they also manufacturer many of the products they sell... their plant is located right here in the United States so you are buying high quality 'made in the USA' supplies.

Pewter charms allow you to express yourself, accessorize your wardrobe, and show someone how much you care... order online, or call 800-492-8248 or emailĀ sales@watchus.com.