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Gold Charms and Scrapbook Charms

No other charms glitter quite like those made of gold and nothing livens up a scrapbook page quite like a charm.

Since the early days of civilization just about all peoples have prized gold for its beauty and value. Gold have served both as a personal ornament and form of currency… both traditions continue thrive to this day.

Gold charms are also getting increasingly popular as scrapbook charms. More and more people that keep/ make a scrapbook use charms to add flair to their pages or to highlight important keepsakes.

At Watchus we carry a full complete line of traditional and contemporary charms, pendants, beads, jewelry making supplies, and watch faces… all at wholesale prices! We are both a direct supplier and manufacturer of many of the products we offer.

If you like to create beautiful, stylish, captivating, personal, and lovely gold charm items, or if you want to add the allure of gold to your scrapbook then we are just the source you need. We carry charms in just about every category you can think of: silver, gold, pewter, birthday, toy, wedding, baby, sport, animal, angel, year, beach, fish, patriotic, letter, pet, school, holiday, and fairy tale… plus many more including new, on sale, and of course,scrapbook charms.

When you work with us, you are buying from a highly reputable company that has been in business since 1973. Great customer service, good product selection, prompt worldwide shipping, and low prices have garnished us a loyal customer base globally.

See for yourself why we are considered industry leaders… to learn more call 800-492-8248, or emailsales@watchus.com, order your scrapbook and gold charms online right now.